12 Cool Ideas To Transform Your Back Garden Into A Creative And Exciting Place

The back garden is such a place in your house where you can spend hours without getting bored. However, the dull or boring garden can make you not want to sit there. We have some super cool and under budget tips that can transform your backyard into a beautiful place of art.

  1. DIY Elegant Seating

Save money on backyard benches and create one of your own! Get two identical, pretty chairs and remove their seating. Place them in front of each other and fit a handmade rectangular base for the seating.

  1. Use chairs other than seating

Add some originality and height to your plant display by using a chair as a planter. Remove the seating and fit in pots. Colour both chair and the pot to add flying colours.

  1. Use mason jars as luminaries

Stairs to your front door would look beautiful with some easy to make mason jar luminaries on the side. If you’re wondering what to do with the lids of those jars, our next point will help you out.

  1. Don’t throw away the covers

If you’ve planted veggies into your back garden, you can use jar lids as cute plant labels to locate the vegetables.

  1. Colour pops

Nothing is more beautiful than natural greenery accompanied with a mix of artificial colours. Use colourful paper lanterns and hang them carefully across a neutral wood background. Don’t forget to use HotOzcoupons coupon codes when buying the lanterns.

  1. Your First Bicycle Can Help!

Probably, you’re emotionally attached to your first bicycle and don’t want to get rid of it. But now, you can use it in your backyard. Use the front basket as a planter and add small wooden planks with something written on them like ‘garden’ ‘happiness’ or ‘smile’.

  1. Vintage tins are beautiful

You can deck the sides of your front porch out with small flower plants planted in the typical old potato chips tin. Let your favourite flowers bloom in them and then spend some time on the porch!

  1. Pay attention to the pathway

Just a strand of rope light is all it takes to light the paths of your back garden. Fill the path with smooth marble stones and make it a good attraction.

  1. Add life to old pots

Use small pieces of old, broken ceramic tiles and paste them on the old terracotta pots. The mosaic design will create a new look and eliminate the boredom of the plain pots.

  1. Do dresser drawers work outside the room as well?

You can use old dresser drawers, colour them and then attach them to a ladder-shaped base. Use them as a planter and give your favourite plants a colourful outdoor throne.

  1. DIY Monogram Planter

Letter monograms are gaining popularity, and it is a charming way to add a Personalised touch to any backyard. Make layers in the monogram and use it as a planter for your favourite flower blooms.

  1. Transform stock tank into a pool

Forget the sweat of an in-ground pool installation as now you can use the stock as one. You can also spray paint the tank from outside for a more colourful look.

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